Next London Tour: April 2026

Every year, Burning Coal Theatre expands the boundaries of local theatre to travel as a group to remarkable places of theatre worldwide. Join us in London in even-numbered years. The location of odd-numbered year tours changes each trip. For more information, CLICK HERE


For more information, EMAIL us as or CALL us at 919.834.4001.

Join Burning Coal’s artistic director Jerome Davis on a whirlwind tour of all the best theatre experiences available in London, U.K. Together you’ll discover the newest plays, oldest stages, and hear some of Jerome’s wonderful anecdotes. 


The London Tour happens every two years. The next tour will happen April 2026. For questions and inquiries, please email artistic director Jerome Davis at

The tour will include:

– Air Fare to and from London and RDU

– Tube pass

– Tickets to fascinating London plays (typically at least 1 per day!)

– Group outings to cultural spaces like museums, art galleries, and backstage tours

– A room (base price is double occupancy) in a beautiful hotel 2 blocks from a centrally located tube stop, including free Wi-Fi and breakfast (with group discussion each morning)​

Deadline to sign up has ended. Please check for upcoming trip opportunities.

Have questions? Email Artistic Director Jerome Davis at

Teachers can work with Burning Coal Theatre to create a bespoke theatre tour! We can organize and lead your trip to New York City, London, and more. Give us a call at (919) 834-4001 or email