Fuel the Fire

Enhance your Burning Coal Experience

A 3-Year Fundraising Campaign

Thanks to your commitments, we are excited to announce the implementation of our capacity-building has begun! We have raised a total of $210,150 in pledges so far, and still have two years remaining in the campaign.

Increase Mainstage Budgets by 10 – 20%July 1, 2023
Purchase a new light boardJuly 1, 2023
Hire a technical director / facilities managerAugust 1, 2023
Hire a part-time marketing assistantJuly 1, 2024
Purchase new audience seatingSeptember 1, 2024

We are continuing to accept pledges to reach the full 20% Mainstage budget increase, hire competitively for the new marketing assistant position, and purchase the best new chairs for audience seating possible. To join the campaign, call 919.834.4001 or email 

To join Fuel The Fire, a 3-year, $300,000 campaign to enhance the Burning Coal experience, email or give us a call at (919) 834-4001.

Stoking the coals, fueling the fire, and enhancing your experience – our next chapter.

We cannot ignore the impact of theatre on society. While the stories and voices may change, the arts have always been a way for humans to interact with one another, share traditions, learn, and challenge the status quo.
Burning Coal Theatre exists to provide a literal and metaphorical platform to the community. We also stand for the belief that when an artist fails, they move closer to the truth. Artists must have a place to experiment, and yes sometimes fail. In the business world, this might be called Research & Development. In the arts world, it might be called a flop. But is it? Or is it the next step towards the truth?
By joining Fuel the Fire, you are helping truth expand its foothold in our society. As we approach our 30th Anniversary, now is the time to look forward and grow Burning Coal. You can help us achieve this vision by enhancing everyone’s experience.

Burning Coal Theatre requests that you thoughtfully consider a gift or pledge over the next one to three years to make our vision your reality.

Download the BCT Pledge Form to make your pledge today, then make a contribution online here.

  1. Hire a Facilities Manager/Technical Director to oversee production quality, provide a cohesive experience for on-stage and behind the scenes talent, provide upkeep for the historic building, and manage the theatre’s rentals which provides additional revenue for our operations. 
  2. Increase Main Stage budgets by 20% and hire additional Equity Actors for each show to improve the caliber of our performances, ensure excellence for our audiences, and grow the reputation and presence of Burning Coal Theatre in the community.
  3. Provide funding for a part-time Marketing and Design staff member to broaden our reach, raise awareness, grow our audience and donor base, enhance our brand, and free up executive staff to focus on their primary responsibilities.
  4. Purchase new seating and a production lightboard to enhance guest comfort and overall experience. The theatre’s current chairs and lightboard were purchased in 2008 and are long overdue for an upgrade. 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Fuel the Fire Campaign.

To make start a conversation about giving or to make a pledge, please email, or contact us at (919) 834-4001. To make a contribution towards a pledge, click here, give us a call, or mail a check made out to Burning Coal Theatre Company to 224 Polk St. Raleigh, NC 27604.

Your support ensures that the content, production, and talent of every show is of the highest caliber so that our audience walks away enriched and connected.

Through this campaign, there are a limited number of recognition opportunities available for those who are interested. Staff will be happy to discuss available options with you as you consider a commitment to the campaign.

Fuel the Fire Campaign Leadership Members:

Wyrick Robbins Law Firm, Greg and Mary Hart Paul, John Sarratt, Mark and Tricia Wilson, Betsy Buford and Donald Matthews, The Hon. Nancy and Mr. Ron McFarlane, Pamela Blizzard and Willis Lumpkin, Grace Gregson, Eric and Kim Schneider, Alec and Georgia Donaldson, Susan Parry and John Montgomery, John and Mary Nash Rusher, Mark and Carol Hewitt, Susan and Ron Aycock, Judith Moore, Lisa A. and Phillip L. Anthony, David and Amy Marschall, Richard and Carol McNeel, Joseph Wolozyn in honor of Cheryl Wolozyn, Carla J. and Don Berryann, Gene Wojciechowski and Jane Florence, Jim Smith, David Ranii and Bonnie Tilson, Herbert Huene, Ruth Bromer and Joseph Huberman, Curtis Kasefang and Sharon O’Neill, Paul Leone

Want to join this growing list? Make a pledge today by emailing