Oakwood and History Plays

Oakwood and History Plays


Oakwood Cemetery Series

Every fall, Burning Coal Theatre presents a series of short plays from Raleigh and Triangle playwrights as outdoor theatre. 

Every October, Burning Coal Theatre partners with the historic Oakwood Cemetery to present a series of short plays based on the lives of people buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, their partners, neighbors, associates and nemeses’.

Playwrights from around the Triangle and sometimes beyond will craft these short plays that look at the comical, the tragic, the dastardly and the utterly heroic lives of those who came before and upon whose shoulders, for better and for worse, the Capital City was built.

The 2022 Oakwood Cemetery Plays were held on Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2022.

Virtual Recording Ticket Available Through October 31

Although the live performances are now over, you can still buy tickets to Oakwood Heavyweights Video-On-Demand Recording through Monday, October 31st!

TICKETS are $20 (adults) and $10 (students) and are available at our online ticket sales (click here) for virtual tickets or by calling 919.834.4001.

The Video-On-Demand will be released on Friday, October 7th. It can be purchased and viewed now through October 31st.

This is a fundraising event for Burning Coal. All ticket sales go directly support Burning Coal’s 2022/23 Season. Your ticket will be a tax-deductible contribution.

LOCATION:  701 Oakwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27601.  You may drive into the cemetery and you will find our ticket table 100 yards up the driveway.

For additional information, please call 919.834.4001.

2022 Oakwood Cemetery Series

Click here to view the digital program

Dr. Thelma Johnson Roundtree and Mary Vernon Glenton by Salinda Tyson

Frankie Lumsden by Ian Finley

Argo’s Folly by Lydia Sbityakov

Lucy Capehart and her father, Bart Moore by Courtney Pisano

Eleanor Vass by Ken Walsh

The Fall of a Giant (Jack Johnson) by Bella Nesbith

Directors – George Jack and Nathalie Ray

Stage Manager – Sarah Gendron

Costumes & Properties – Cas Corum

Chris Acevedo – Herbert Norris (Argo’s Folly), William Graham (Patient as a Vulture), Cop (Fall of a Giant)

Kurt Benrud – Thomas Argo (Argo’s Folly), Robert (Fall of a Giant)
Kelly Buynitzky – Lucy Capehart (Lucy Capehart)
Dave Hackney – Cassius (Fall of a Giant)
Hazel Henderson – Frankie Lumsden, Sally Mae (Fall of a Giant)

Laura Jenkins – Lilla Shepard (Patient as a Vulture), Dr. Mary Glendon

Steven Jones – Jack Johnson (Fall of a Giant & Dr. Roundtree), John (Lucy Capehart)

Kameron Mills – Eleanor Vass (Patient as a Vulture)