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THE RETURN OF DEJA REVUE: Back by popular demand, our fundraiser from last month offered an entertaining look at Burning Coal’s rich, diverse, poignant and hysterical history. Featuring video clips from Burning Coal’s archives and all-new performances of songs featured in Burning Coal musicals of yore as well as a preview of our upcoming production of Evita. Hosted by the inimitable Juan Isler, this online production is now available throughout the month of February 2021 to view at your own leisure!  Tickets: can be purchased here.

Singers performing will include:

From Company – Juan Isler, Susan Durham-Lozaw, Jeff Aldridge, Nathalie Ray, Cory Arnold, Mary Floyd Page 
From Evita – Ashley Keefe
From 1776 – Ian Finley
From Camelot (monologue) – Alec Donaldson
From The Wiz – Juan Isler and Carly Jones
From Man of La Mancha – Chanda Branch
From The Wiz – MeMe Cowans
From Evita – Hannah Benitez
From Company–David Henderson/Cathy Rodgers

Here’s a sneak peek at Deja Revue 2021! 

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