Directing with Jennifer Markowitz

Oct 10 – Nov 14, 2016

7 pm – 10 pm on Monday

$155  call with visa or mastercard at 919.834.4001

Taught by Jennifer Markowitz

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Jennifer Markowitz Directing Photo
Directing is both a craft and an interpretive art.  This intensive, practical class teaches students the essential tools of directing from an accomplished professional. Learn the fundamental tools of direction: play analysis, staging and composition, research and rehearsal process, culminating in the presentation of a short scene.  Previous directing training is not required but theatre experience on any level will be helpful. More on Jennifer’s career can be found at:

A Snapshot of the Curriculum

The Role of the Director in theatre: What we do and what we don’t do as well as what is expected of us.

Preparation: 50% of the job happens before rehearsals begin.  Learn the art of pre-production.

Text Analysis:  The most crucial part of preparation.  Learn the steps as well as the shared Theatre vocabulary.

Casting:  The most important step in directing any production.  We will have a session of mock, general auditions with actors outside of the class which we will then refer to while discussing various options in casting specific roles from a play read in class.  We will also discuss multi-cultural, inclusionary casting.

Working with Actors in Rehearsal:  The Director’s number one job is to encourage, inspire, navigate, facilitate the actor into their strongest performance possible.  How that is done depends upon the actor as well as the play.  Learn the crucial tools to communicate with actors as collaborators rather than talking props.

The exploration of environment in rehearsal:  Exploring with actors the ‘where’ of the play’s world and how this informs staging and design.

Communicating with DesignersHow to inspire and encourage creativity rather than dictate.

Specific Goals: To develop basic skills in the art of directing (analysis, interpretation, communication and staging) through 1) Study of elements and processes of directing 2) Short scene projects in staging from published plays 4) Planning and staging a longer scene from a play 5) Critiquing the work of others 6) participating in other in-class exercises and discussion.

The session culminates in a lab where students present projects in rehearsal. 


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