Wait Til You See This 2020

Jun 3 – Jun 21, 2020

Directed by Bronwen Carson and Vieve Radha Price

Coproduced by SoundingLine Arts and TEA Creative, Inc.


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ACCORD(ing) is a sensorially immersive world of installations, soundscapes, physical theatre, and language, exploring how the human mind gathers, processes, and decides truths. Through visual poetry, drama and humor, issues of certainty, ideology, confusion, judgment, conflict and possibility are illuminated.


Int’l award-winning director, Bronwen Carson, and Sargent Shriver Peaceworker Fellow and Insight Art maker, Vieve Radha Price, spearhead the world-premiere production of ACCORD(ing) for Burning Coal Theater’s Second Stage Series in June 2020.  

Carson and Price’s non-profit theatre companies, SoundingLine Arts and TÉA Creative have joined forces to create a sensorially immersive world of performance art, installations, movement, and language illuminating issues of certainty, ideology, judgment, conflict and possibility. ACCORD(ing) is an amalgam of visual poetry, physical theater, and soundscapes, utilizing both humor and drama to examine how the human mind gathers, processes and decides truths. 

The production will be entirely comprised of Triangle area performers and creatives trained in Insight Artistry, an exploratory art making method that focuses upon how we come to know, how we value, and how we ultimately make decisions. Movement is an integral component of the exploration as are various forms of immersive theatre and experiential art.  

Audience members will be allowed to roam freely throughout the theater space, experiencing various moments, scenarios, interactions, installations and vignettes in which individuals are striving for connection, understanding or choosing courses of action; sometimes they are heroic, other times they’re unable to free themselves from the constraints of habitual patterns or the constricted looping of their thoughts. 


Bronwen Carson is an award-winning director-writer-choreographer, and the Founder of SoundingLine Arts, a non-profit theatre and film company which integrates traditional scripted work into installation art, soundscapes, physical theatre, Commedia dell’arte, Butoh, and Kabuki. Recent SoundingLine works include 49th Street and Other Stories (Ailey Center) and Dust (Symphony Space). Bronwen has directed Off-Broadway and regionally at NYU, Skirball Theater, Mark Morris Dance Group, The Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College, The Connelly Theatre, The Director’s Lab at The Actors Studio, Irondale, and The Gloria Maddox Theatre. Bronwen’s upcoming projects include Varvana a silent film, and Magpie, a novel.  www.bronwencarson.com   

Vieve Radha Price is the Founder and Director of Mission at TÉA Creative. TÉA Creative gathers diverse companies of artists to create Insight art, taking an imaginative approach to content and form to create performance pieces that illuminate the inner patterns of feeling and thinking that precipitate the way we interact with each other and ourselves and to explore the development and application of Insight artistry. Recent works include: Uniform Justice (New York Fringe Festival) and Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex (HERE Arts Center, NYC). Vieve has recently established the Insight Artists Collective, and she is currently collaborating on two books, a handbook on Insight Artistry, and Questing for Insight, an introduction to the philosophical approach that grounds her artistry and artistic creation.  www.teacreativeinc.com

Estimated run time: 1.5 hours.