The Shakespeare Workshops

The Shakespeare Workshops


The Shakespeare Workshops

Class Dates: May 26 & 27
Taught by Dan Decker

Workshop size limited to 15 participants. Single classes priced at $40 each; all three for only $100. Instructor is Dan Decker, former Producing Artistic Director of the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company and author of “The Two Roses” a speculative biography of William Shakespeare published in the peer reviewed New England Theater Journal.


May 26, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Recognize and re-create the patterns in the language and the verse. Discover how to attune your voice to the sounds used to make up the words. Explore how the works address universal human themes using metaphorical language. Find and express your own understanding of the works. The goal of the course is for each participant to interpret and perform a 14-line sonnet aloud under the direction of the course Instructor. 

Sonnets Workshop: $40 

“The Works” (All 3 Workshops): $100


May 27, 10am – 12 noon

Choose a long-form soliloquy to work with from the selection offered in class. Break down the verse and analyze the structures written in by Shakespeare to help the actor understand and perform the piece. Find the internal beats. Work under the direction of the Instructor to develop your best oral performance of the 8piece in class. 

Soliloquies Workshop: $40 

“The Works” (All 3 Workshops): $100


May 27, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Work with a scene partner in class to develop a performance of a selected two-person scene cutting. Deconstruct and analyze the verse. Find the hidden cues left by Shakespeare to help actors understand and perform the work. Work under the direction of the Instructor to fine-tune your voice and physicalizations. The participants interpret and read aloud as many scenes as can be accommodated by closing time.

Scenes Workshop: $40 

“The Works” (All 3 Workshops): $100