The Heretic

"I'm a scientist. I don't believe in anything."

Sep 12 – Sep 29, 2013

Written by Richard Bean

Directed by Jerome Davis

Burning Coal Theatre Company is proud to announce that it will be opening its 2013/2014 season with the U.S. premiere of Richard Bean’s scathing comedy, The Heretic.  This play won the 2011 London Evening Standard Award for Outstanding New Play of the year.  Director Jerome Davis leads a stellar cast through this minefield of a comedy that is a laugh-riot … and may just cause a riot!  Come find out why in September, 2013.

Professor Diane Cassell (Julie Oliver)’s firm emphasis on scientific fact has kept her in good standing with her peers.  But when a report she wants to publish clashes with their beliefs, she finds her world turned upside down … and the ice on which she stands beginning to melt.

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Estimated run time: 1.75 hours.

An interview with Richard Bean