The Container by Clare Bayley

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Oct 10 – Oct 27, 2019

Written by Clare Bayley

Directed by Avis HatcherPuzzo

Coproduced by The Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh

Performances will be Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:00 and 9:00 pm and Sundays at 2 and 4 pm

The Container ImageTHE CONTAINER
by Clare Bayley
Five people from war torn countries find themselves thrown together, escaping in a shipping container….”.  They have fought overwhelming odds to get this far.  But where are they, except somewhere that they don’t know anything about, in the dark, surrounded by strangers, in a shipping container.  Is freedom minutes away?  Or something much worse?  

You, the audience, will join them for their journey, inside the Container.

The Route They Took (a map showing how the characters in The Container got here)
Statistics (raw data about immigration to the West, or Who Are They?)
Inside the Container (what does it look like from the inside?)
An Interview with Nick Bauer of Lutheran Services Carolinas 
The Playwright Speaks (thoughts from Clare Bayley)
Immigrant Stories (first person accounts)

Estimated run time: 1 hours.

Cast & Crew


Rimsha Azfal
Lakeisha Coffey
Juan Isler
Cheleen Sugar-Ducksworth
More TBA

Gabrielle Abrams, Production Stage Manager
Matthew Adelson, Lighting & Scenery
Katie Beazley, Assistant Director
Rebecca Bossen, Dialects
John Capetanos, ASM
Mia Carson, Master Electrician
Veronica Colon, ASM
Rebecca Hodge, Website Dramaturgy
Danielle James, Properties
Eric Kildow, Study Guide
Samantha Kiser, ASM
Hanna Lafko, ASM
Greg Osbeck, Technical Director
Meredith Riggan, Scenic Artist
Christy Rose, Sound
Carry Vaughan, House Manager


Check back closer to the performance dates.