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by Hannah Benitez
presented by Sweet Tea Shakespeare and Burning Coal Theatre Company
Release date:  August 23, 2020

Alice and Minnie are burning coal on a steam train when a group of people attack, they confide in each other and have to create a plan for escape.   Content warning:  Language, Gun violence

About the Playwrights and the Producing Theatres

Hannah Benitez, NYC, represented by Elaine Devlin Literary. Upcoming: Gringolandia- Zoetic Stage and Untitled- Miami New Drama. Recent: Dike - The New Work Theatre Workshop, Director Tatiana Pandiani 2050 Fellowship Project & developmental production with Urbanite Theatre. Adaptive Radiation-Denizen Theater, Ashe In Johannesburg- Burning Coal Theatre. End of the Exodus selected for the High Desert Play Development Workshop with Southwest Theatre Company in Las Cruces NM, workshop and consideration for the 2021/22 season. @hannahbenitezzz