Shakespeare Marathon – Wheelchair accessibility

When arriving at the museum, we recommend that you come in the main entrance, facing Bicentennial Plaza. There is a ramp that leads from the street level to the main entrance. The closest entrance to the Auditorium is a set of doors on Edenton Street, but they are only accessible by stairs. The stage at the NC Museum of History is wheelchair accessible from the backstage areas, but not from the auditorium floor. Access to the backstage areas is possible through two routes : from stage itself or through the Green Room. The Green Room (and indeed all of the backstage areas) are on the Lobby level and can be entered through one of their exhibits. The marathon will take place in the Daniels Auditorium, which has a slanted auditorium floor. The only way to access the stage from the Auditorium is to climb a short set of steps. The museum does have seating in the Auditorium for patrons in wheelchairs.