Shakespeare Marathon – Warehouse Performance Center

Warehouse Performance Center presents Henry VIII on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at midnight, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTOR: Amy Scheide
Buckingham/Campeius/Cranmer – Amy Scheide
Norfolk/Anne/Gentleman #1 – Jessica Zingher
Brandon/Henry VIII/Griffith – Tim Beany
Queen Katharine/Old Lady/Cromwell – Frances Bendert
Chamberlain/Gardiner – Joe Antoszyk
Surveyor/Suffolk/Sands – Michael Anderson
Wolsey/Dr. Butts – Ted Patterson
Lovell/Keeper/Gentleman #2 – Marla Brown

ABOUT THE PLAY :  Two stories dominate Henry VIII: the fall of Cardinal Wolsey, Henry’s powerful advisor, and Henry’s quest to divorce Queen Katherine, who has not borne him a male heir, and marry Anne Bullen (Boleyn).

First, the duke of Buckingham questions Wolsey’s costly staging of a failed meeting with the French king. Wolsey arrests Buckingham and accuses him of treason; testimony from a bribed witness leads to Buckingham’s execution. Queen Katherine takes a stand against Wolsey. Wolsey gives a party at which Henry meets Anne.

Henry falls in love with Anne and seeks to divorce Katherine, but Katherine refuses to be judged by Wolsey and other church officials. The king secretly marries Anne and then has her crowned queen. Meanwhile, Henry discovers Wolsey’s treachery against him. Wolsey, arrested, falls sick and dies. Katherine also sickens and dies. 

Cranmer, the new archbishop of Canterbury, comes under attack, but receives the king’s support.  Anne gives birth to a daughter, the future Queen Elizabeth. Cranmer prophesies marvelous reigns for her and her unnamed successor, James.

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