Shakespeare Marathon – Stillwater Theatre

Stillwater Theatre presents The two Noble Kinsmen on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 3 am, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTOR : Steve Roten

Theseus – Steven Roten
Hippolyta – Tamara Farias
Emilia – Rimsha Afzal
Jailers Daughter – Jess Jones
Pirithous – George Jack
Palamon – Kevin Dufour
Arcite – Zack Thomas
Valerius – Tracey Duncan
Herald – James Poslusney
Jailer – Mike Raab
Wooer – Tyler Graper
Doctor – Brook North
First Queen – Leslie Castro
Second Queen – Victoria Mitchell
Third Queen – Sarah Koop
Waiting Woman to Emilia – Kat Froehlich
Gentleman – Katy Koop
School Master – Jody Mitchell
1st Countryman – Mike Raab
2nd Countryman – James Poslusney
3rd Countryman – Brook North
4th Countryman – Tyler Graeper
Jailer’s 1st Friend – Tracey Duncan
Jailer’s 2nd Friend – Jody Mitchell
Messenger (s) – James Poslusney
Servant – Katy Koop

ABOUT THE PLAY : The Two Noble Kinsmen, derived from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, begins as Athens defeats Thebes in war. Arcite and Palamon, Theban knights and devoted cousins, are imprisoned in Athens. From their cell, they see Emilia, the sister-in-law of Theseus, Duke of Athens. Both fall in love with her, becoming bitter rivals.

Arcite is released but, for love of Emilia, stays in Athens at the risk of his life. The jailer’s daughter, who loves Palamon, helps him escape, but goes mad with anxiety. Her original wooer cures her by courting her while pretending to be Palamon.

Arcite encounters Palamon and challenges him to formal combat for Emilia. Theseus discovers them before they duel. He first sentences both to death, but then establishes a contest in which each will participate with Theban comrades. The loser and his knights will die. The winner will wed Emilia.

Arcite prays to Mars for victory; Palamon, to Venus for Emilia’s love. Both prayers are answered. Arcite wins, but dies after a riding accident. Palamon, spared from execution, marries Emilia.

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