Shakespeare Marathon – Raleigh Charter School with Seed Art Share

Raleigh Charter School with Seed Art Share presents Two Gentlemen of Verona on Sunday, April 24, 2016 at 9  am, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTORS : Maggie Rasnick & Renee Wimberley
Valentine – Laird Davis
Julia – Heather Cozzie
Panthino – Carter May
Thurio – Tommy Evett
Launce – Anna Wolff
First Outlaw – Anna Slayton
Second Outlaw – Kari Degraffenreid
Third Outlaw -
Crab – Eloise Williams
Duke of Milan – J. Chachula
Antonio – Sue Scarborough – or Antonia?
Host – Angela Santucci
Eglamour – Wayne Mooring
Speed – Dustin Britt
Lucetta – Page Pugar
Proteus – George Labushor
Silvia – Colleen Sharp

ABOUT THE PLAY : The Two Gentlemen of Verona tells the story of two devoted friends, Valentine and Proteus. Valentine leaves their home city of Verona for Milan, but Proteus, in love with Julia, stays behind. Then Proteus’s father sends him to Milan, too. Before leaving, Proteus pledges his love to Julia.

In Milan, Valentine and the duke’s daughter, Sylvia, are in love. Proteus, on arriving, falls in love with Sylvia at first sight. He reveals to the duke that Sylvia and Valentine plan to elope, and Valentine is banished. Meanwhile, Proteus’s earlier love, Julia, assumes a male disguise and travels to Milan.

The banished Valentine meets outlaws and becomes their leader. Sylvia, in search of Valentine, is seized by his outlaws. Proteus rescues her and then, when she spurns him, tries to rape her. Valentine stops the rape, but out of friendship offers to yield Sylvia to Proteus. Julia, however, reveals her identity, regaining Proteus’s love. Two weddings are planned: Valentine with Sylvia, and Proteus with Julia.

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