Shakespeare Marathon – North Carolina Wesleyan College

North Carolina Wesleyan College presents Love’s Labours Love on Sunday, April 24, 2016 at noon, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTOR – Roger Drake

Narrator – Melissa Malcolm
Ferdinand – Andrew Stern
Lord Berowne – Lee Templeton
Lord Longaville – Roger Drake
Lord Dumaine – Jerome Little
Princess of France, later Queen of France – Danelle Cauley
Lady Rosaline – Katie Crickmore
Lady Maria – Anna Niece
Lady Katharine – Amanda Gauthier
Boyet – Lee Templeton
Marcadé – Roger Drake
Don Adriano de Armado – Roger Drake
Moth – Anna Niece
Sir Nathaniel – Andrew Stern
Holofernes – David Robinson
Dull – Jerome Little
Costard – Jacob Smith
Jaquenetta – Brooke Edwards
Forester -David Robinson

ABOUT THE PLAY : In Love’s Labor’s Lost, the comedy centers on four young men who fall in love against their wills. The men, one of them the king of Navarre, pledge to study for three years, avoiding all contact with women. When the Princess of France arrives on a state visit, the king insists she and her ladies camp outside the court. Even so, each young man falls in love with one of the ladies.

Meanwhile, Don Armado, a Spanish soldier, falls for a servant girl, Jacquenetta. Costard, an illiterate local, mixes up two letters he is to deliver, one from Armado to Jacquenetta and the other from Berowne, one of the king’s companions, to Rosaline, one of the French ladies.

The men confess they are in love, and devise a pageant for the ladies, who set a trap for them by exchanging identifying markers. When word comes that the princess’s father is dead, the ladies reject the men’s proposals as rash and impose a year’s delay before any further wooing. 

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