Shakespeare Marathon – Brunswick Little Theatre

Brunswick Little Theatre presents Pericles, Prince of Tyre on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at noon, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTOR : Jeffrey Stites
Gower/Cerimon/Pirate 3/Pandar/First Lord – Jayke
Pericles/Gentleman 2/Leonine/Boult – Brett
Lychorida/Thaisa/Pirate 1/Tyrian Sailor – Pam
Sailor 1/Gentleman 1/Cleon/Pirate 2/Lysimachus/Helicons -Jeffrey
Sailor 2/Servant/Servant 1/Dionyza/Bawd/Diana – Lisa
Philemon/Marina – Misty Star

ABOUT THE PLAY : The nautical tale of a wandering prince, Pericles is narrated by John Gower, a poet from the English past. Gower explains that Pericles, prince of Tyre, hopes to win the hand of a princess in Antioch. When Pericles learns that she and the king, her father, are lovers, he flees for his life.

Pericles brings grain to Tarsus during a famine, but loses his ships and men in a storm. In Pentapolis, Pericles wins a tournament and marries the king’s daughter, Thaisa. With Thaisa pregnant, she and Pericles sail for Tyre. Thaisa bears a daughter, Marina, at sea, but apparently dies. Her coffin drifts ashore at Ephesus, where she is revived and becomes a priestess of Diana.

Pericles leaves the baby Marina with the king and queen of Tarsus. Fourteen years later, Marina, kidnapped by pirates, is sold to a brothel, but her eloquence protects her. Told that she has died, a grief-stricken Pericles rediscovers her. Guided by a vision from the goddess Diana, Pericles and Marina reunite with Thaisa. 

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