Shakespeare Marathon – Broughton High School

Broughton High School presents Richard III on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 9 pm, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTOR : Julie Florin

Richard – Kriss Lee
Lady Anne -Kristin Gilyard
King Edward IV – George House
Queen Elizabeth – Tex Lindsey
Prince Edward – Carlee Crawford
Richard – Sayead Mohamed
Georget – Marques Howard
Clarence’s Boy – Ben Reilly
Clarence’s Daughter – Michelle Cole
Duchess of York – Ty’Shae’ Cousar
Queen Margaret – Carly Grissom
Duke of Buckingham/Ghost – Reece Montgomery
William, Lord Hastings – Karla Johnson
Lord Stanley – Alex Levine
Earl Rivers – Bryan Bunch
Lord Grey – Ben Reilly    
Marquess of Dorset – Marques Howard
Sir Thomas Vaughan – Michelle Cole
Sir William Catesby – Taliesin Auten
Sir Richard Ratcliffe -Jack Schroeder
Lord Lovell – Kristin Gilyard
Duke of Norfolk – Sarah Mueller
Earl of Surrey -Ty’Shae’ Cousar
Earl of Richmond – Ben Reilly
Earl of Oxford – Kristin Gilyard
Sir James Blunt – Carlee Crawford
Sir Christopher – Sarah Mueller
Archbishop – Taliesin Auten
Cardinal – Sarah Mueller
John Morton, Bishop of Ely – Bryan Bunch
Sir Robert Brakenbury – Tracey Robinson
James Tyrrel – Karla Johnson
Two Murderers – Tex Lindsey, Sayead Mohamed
Keeper – Alex Levine
Three Citizens – Alex Levine, Jack Schroeder, George House
Lord Mayor – Tracey Robinson
Priest – Kristin Gilyard        
Pursuivant – Ty’Shae Cousar                              
Scrivener – Tex Lindsey
Page – Ben Reilly
Sheriff – Michelle Cole
Messenger – Tracey Robinson, George House, Bryan Bunch, Sayead Mohamed,
Ghost of King Henry VI – George House
Ghost of the two Princes – Carlee Crawford, Sayead Mohamed
Lords to Richmond – Carly Grissom, George House, Tracey Robinson, Tex Lindsey
Soldiers to Richard – Sayead Mohamed, Michelle Cole, Marques Howard, Ty’Shae Cousar

ABOUT THE PLAY :  As Richard III opens, Richard is Duke of Gloucester and his brother, Edward IV, is king. Richard is eager to clear his way to the crown. He manipulates Edward into imprisoning their brother, Clarence, and then has Clarence murdered in the Tower. Meanwhile, Richard succeeds in marrying Lady Anne, even though he killed her father-in-law, Henry VI, and her husband.

When the ailing King Edward dies, Prince Edward, the older of his two young sons, is next in line for the throne. Richard houses the Prince and his younger brother in the Tower. Richard then stages events that yield him the crown.

After Richard’s coronation, he has the boys secretly killed. He also disposes of Anne, his wife, in order to court his niece, Elizabeth of York. Rebellious nobles rally to Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond. When their armies meet, Richard is defeated and killed. Richmond becomes Henry VII. His marriage to Elizabeth of York ends the Wars of the Roses and starts the Tudor dynasty. 

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