Shakespeare Marathon – Barton College

Barton College presents Henry IV, part 2 on Monday, April 25, 2016 at 9 pm, in NC Museum of History, 5 E. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC.

DIRECTOR : Adam Twiss
Falstaff – Adam Twiss
Henry V and others – Zachary Rayburn
Rumour and others – Allisoon Dellinger
Northumberland and others – Courtney Perez
Lord Chief Justice and others – Christopher Balance  
Beadle and others – Tiffany Cooper
Bardolph and others – Shane O’Daniel
Gower and others – Fletcher Duke
Hastings and others – Stephen Foy
Hostess Quickly and others – Jess Jones
Henry IV and others – Shawn McCauley

ABOUT THE PLAY Henry IV, Part 2 continues the story of Henry IV, Part 1. Northumberland learns that his son Hotspur is dead, and he rejoins the remaining rebels.  When Hotspur’s widow convinces Northumberland to withdraw, the rebels are then led by the archbishop of York and Lords Mowbray and Hastings, who muster at York to confront the king’s forces.

Sir John Falstaff, meanwhile, glories in the reputation he has gained by falsely claiming to have killed Hotspur, and he uses his wit and cunning to escape charges by the Lord Chief Justice. Prince Hal and his companion Poins disguise themselves to observe Falstaff, and they hear him insult them both. After they confront him, Prince Hal and Falstaff must return to the wars.  The king’s army is again victorious, but more through deceit and false promises than through valor. 

With the rebellion over, Prince Hal attends his dying father. Hal becomes Henry V, reassures the Lord Chief Justice, and turns away Falstaff, who had expected royal favor.

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