Shakespeare – Celebration in the world


Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, all the town celebrate this anniversary during 2016 ! Public visits, tours, etc… 

Shakespeare400 Shakespeare400 is a consortium of leading cultural, creative and educational organizations, coordinated by the London Shakespeare Centre and Culture at King’s College London, which will mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. Through a connected series of public performances, programs, exhibitions and creative activities in the capital and beyond, partners will celebrate the legacy of Shakespeare during the quartercentenary year. 

The Wonder of Will: 400 Years of Shakespeare : The Folger Shakespeare Library is planning to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death with a suite of collaborative Exhibitions at the Folger and related programs that will introduce people to the man who grew up in the English provinces and went on to become the most influential writer in the world, finding his way to America as a prized adopted “citizen.” The 2016 celebrations will include: First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Life of an Icon, America’s Shakespeare, Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity. 

Shakespeare’s England 2016  In 2016 Shakespeare’s England will host a range of new exhibitions to celebrate his legacy. These include a new immersive theatrical experience at the Royal Shakespeare Company; a reimagining of Shakespeare’s final home, New Place, by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; and Shakespeare’s school room will also open for the first time to the general public at King Edward VI School. 

The Royal Shakespeare Company The 2016 World Shakespeare Congress — four hundred years after the playwright’s death — will celebrate Shakespeare’s memory and the global cultural legacy of his works. Uniquely, ambitiously, fittingly, this quartercentenary World Congress will be based in not just one but two locations: in Shakespeare’s birthplace, and final resting-place, Stratford-upon-Avon; and in the city where he made his name and where his genius flourished — London. 

The Royal Shakespeare Company The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016 with a far-reaching national and international program of productions and collaborations, celebrating the world’s most famous playwright and his legacy today. 

Shakespeare Lives A program of events and activities celebrating Shakespeare’s life on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016. The British Council and the GREAT Britain campaign are working with a host of British theatres, museums, educators and artists on brand new productions of Shakespeare’s plays, film adaptations, public readings and educational resources for schools and English language learners of all ages in the UK and around the world. 

Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA) The 2016 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death has provided STA with the opportunity to create and implement a yearlong celebration of his work. From individual theatre celebrations to global partnerships, see what STA has in store for this remarkable 400th Anniversary! 

London Globe’s 10-Minute Film Festival On the weekend of April 23-24, the London Globe will present “The Complete Walk”– a 2.5 mile route along the River Thames with 37 screens showing 37 different 10-minute films based on Shakespeare’s 37 plays.  Famous actors will perform scenes from the plays on location if possible — the ghetto in Venice or on “the rocks of Elsinore.”  

The National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and virtually every other theatre production company in the country will be marking the anniversary. Interpretations will range from the resolutely traditional to the Brighton-based Spymonkey’s Complete Deaths, a romp through the 74 deaths – 75 including a fly squashed in Titus Andronicus – by stabbing, poisoning, smothering and smashing across the plays. There will also be hundreds of lectures, recitals, international academic conferences, films, concerts, operas and major exhibitions.

 ‘The Complete Walk’ : A highlight in London’s celebration of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary of death will take place over the weekend of April 23-24.The event, called “The Complete Walk,” will transform a four-kilometer (2.5-mile) stretch along the Thames, from Westminster to Tower Bridge, as 37 screens will be set up to feature 37 short films for each of the English playwright’s 37 plays. Commissioned by the theater Shakespeare’s Globe, these films were all shot on site – for example “Antony and Cleopatra” was filmed in front of the Pyramids, “Hamlet” in Denmark and “Romeo and Juliet” in Verona.

 A two-year worldwide tour of ‘Hamlet’: Those who cannot travel to the Globe can just let the Globe come to them. The renowned theater has undertaken an ambitious and unique project: “Hamlet” is to be performed in every single country in the world – even the most-war torn or Ebola-affected countries will get to hear “To be or not to be” live. The”Globe to Globe” tour actually started on April 23, 2014, three days before the 450th anniversary of the Bard’s birth, and will be completed for the anniversary of his death on April 23, 2016. The group of 16 people will be playing in Qatar on January 13. Still to come are Liberia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, among many others.

Shakespeare celebrated in Chicago