Schools Tour

This year‘s play is Peter Pan & Wendy

$1,000  One performance
$1800  Two performances

Written by Lillian White and Burning Coal Theatre

On tour March 5 - 9, 2018

Run time: 50 minutes plus Talkback, as needed

Peter Pan & Wendy


JM Barrie told a story.  To some children.  It later became a play, a novel, a film, a television movie, and many, many other things.  Children all over the world now know and love Peter Pan and his friend, Wendy.  And her dog, Nana!  The imagination is a powerful thing.

Burning Coal Theatre Company is on tour to schools with its powerful whimsical production of this classic story for children.  Performances can take place morning or afternoon.  The production is flexible and self-contained; all we need is a bare performance space.  Performances run about 50 minutes and can be followed by a talkback with actors and director, and accompanied with a study guide for the performance.  For more information, call 919-834-4001 or email us at  Tour fee: $1,000 or $1800 for two consecutive performances.


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