Qualian – a Triangle based outfit, will rock the Murphey School on Sunday, August 9, 2015 at 7 pm.  You don’t want to miss this one if you like a broadly ecclectic, alt-style of music.

Formed in the first months of 2014, Qualian is a five-piece alternative band comprised of students from both St. David’s School and Broughton High School in Raleigh. Although it has been only a little over a year since its beginning, Qualian has managed to record and release their debut EP and celebrate it with a well-attended Summer Release Show at the Kennedy Theater in downtown Raleigh. Since then, Qualian has continued to play shows locally and across the state of North Carolina. They are more than thrilled to celebrate their second release here at Burning Coal Theater and await the chance to share yet another great experience with their fans.  More info about Qualian can be found at reverbnation.com/qualian.


Walker Renfrow – is the lead vocalist (and occasional rhythm guitarist) for Qualian. Though it is known that Walker has been singing ever since he was a young child, legend has it that he came out of the womb singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in three-part harmony with himself.

Aidan Kelly – plays bass and guitar for Qualian but is also infamous for being a real tasmanian devil on stage. His naturally fearless role as the hype-man for Qualian’s live  shows might make it appear otherwise, but Aidan has an extreme irrational fear of both tall ceilings and strawberries.

Lee Sullivan - plays guitar, bass, keys, and saxophone for Qualian. You may have thought that that cute kid from the “Home Alone” movies was Macaulay Culkin, but you’re sadly mistaken; It was Lee Sullivan.

Baylor Wordworth – plays guitar and bass for Qualian. A natural born athlete, Baylor unfortunately ended his last football season with a broken hand. Despite his injury, nevertheless, he continues to shred at every show with those very same battle-scarred metacarpals.

Gray Renfrow – is the drummer for Qualian. Since first picking up the sticks at age four, Gray’s position as the youngest band member has placed no hindrance on him whatsoever. In fact, many would say that Gray has more swag than every other band member combined.