HAIR lights up Burning Coal Theatre

By Stephen Cordell Arts & Entertainment September 10, 2009

From 1957-1973, during a period of peacetime draft, the United States was involved in a military “action” in Southeast Asia. Though never officially declared, this “action” became known as the Vietnam War. Read More »

1960 enlivens history

BY Roy C Dicks The News & Observer April 14, 2009

Depicting historical events on stage has inevitable pitfalls. Focusing on the factual record can create a glorified classroom lecture; manipulating the facts for heightened drama can perpetuate untruths. Burning Coal Theatre Company’s “1960” successfully avoids most of the hazards of both categories in its imaginative and moving examination of school desegregation in Raleigh. Read More »

Love for Fools: The food of love plays on and on at Burning Coal

by Kate Dobbs Ariail Independent Weekly December 10, 2008

William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night famously opens with the glorious line, “If music be the food of love, play on; Give me excess of it.” Burning Coal Theatre’s new production of this boisterous love comedy is well-filled with music, but not to excess: Our appetite for it does not “sicken, and so die.” Instead, it increases each time the witty vaudevillian clown Feste appears, a gorgeous song on “his” sassy lips. Our desire is never surfeited during the too-brief two hours vouchsafed us in the Illyria defined by Morag Charlton’s transparent scenic design and large paintings. Read More »

NC Arts Trails: Burning Coal Theatre

A thoughtful description and peek into the work that Burning Coal strives to bring to the Raleigh community.


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