Outrunning Bullets

Feb 13, 2013

8 pm on Wednesday

$5  Suggested Donation

Murphey School Auditorium

Written by Jonathan Fitts

Directed by Eric Kildow

The Irish War of Independence ended in 1922 with the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty.  But the fighting had only just begun.  Havoc breaks loose in a small, rural town when Tom O’Malley of the anti-treaty Republicans captures the ornery Lieutenant Jimmy Caraghy and the young Private Seamus Fitzpatrick of the pro-treaty Irish National Army. With a small band of guerilla soldiers, including his fiery sister Anne and her fiancée John, Tom attempts to negotiate with the National Army to get the “Free Staters” out of his hometown. In the process, however, the ties that bind each of the individuals are torn and rewound in surprising places, allegiances are changed, and everyone is forced to ask if saving their family is worth losing their home.  But the ties that connect the members of this small Irish town are stronger than any of them might have believed, and Tom’s plan creates rifts, and connections, that no one could have foreseen.

Jonathan Fitts, a native of Raleigh, NC, holds an undergraduate degree in theatre from Appalachian State University.  He is one semester away from completing his MFA at New York University, where he will graduate this spring.  Jonathan has written many plays, including the music and lyrics for Jude the Obscure, Parts 1 & 2 (with Bruce Benedict) at Burning Coal Theatre Company.

Eric Kildow holds degrees from the Savannah College of Art and Design and Texas A&M.  He regularly works for Burning Coal as its dramaturg.  He currently teaches at Coast Carolina Community College in Jacksonville.