Much Ado About Nothing

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Emily Ranii

Shakespeare’s classic comedy features a knock-down, drag-out battle of the sexes between the returning war hero, Benedick and the wickedly witty Beatrice.  It contrasts their verbal sparring with the romantic though shallow “love” of the betrothed Hero and her Claudio.  It mixes these light-hearted couples up with the sinister Don John and his diabolical sidekick, Borachio, the lovelorn uncle of Beatrice, Don Pedro, and the dimwitted, malapropism-spewing constable, Dogberry and his even dimmer-witted assistant, Verges.  In this midst of this frolic, Shakespeare has crafted a fable for all times: a story of what is versus what seems to be, a story of real love versus feigned love, a story of goodness beneath the surface versus the insincerity of selfishness.


Bad Boys and Bachelorettes – Burning Coal’s Much Ado About Nothing” by  Betsy Kane for New Raleigh

Burning Coal’s Much Ado About Nothingby Byron Woods for IndyWeek