Sep 8 – Sep 25, 2011

Written by Lucy Prebble

Directed by Jerome Davis

Though not strictly a musical, Enron uses a great deal of music, dance, movement, puppets and video elements to tell the story of one of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century, the Enron Corporation’s decline from the very top of American business to a collapse of unprecedented proportions. Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Andy Fastow, the Arthur Andersen accounting firm … they are all there in Prebble’s blistering comedy/tragedy. The play focuses on Skilling’s meteoric rise from obscurity to the position of President of one of the world’s most powerful energy companies. Skilling was brilliant, but flawed, and he allowed himself to be drawn into a morass of unethical and illegal activities until the vast Enron empire crashed around him.

Press and Reviews:

British Dramatist Lucy Prebble’s Play “Enron” Turns a U.S. Financial Scandal into a Multimedia Spectacle by Robert W. McDowell for Triangle Arts and Entertainment 

Immense Energy and Dynamic Characters Infuse Enron with Sharp Wit by Alan R. Hall for CVNC 

Burning Coal Theatre Company Opens Its 15th Season in Raleigh with Lucy Prebble’s Blistering Comedy Enron

Estimated run time: 2 hours.

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