Children in the Dark

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Performed by Neutral Ground Ensemble

“Men fear death as children are afraid to go in the dark.” – Francis Bacon

Happening upon an old self-tortured soul, a group of ghosts enter into the man’s head with hopes of providing some relief. What they find will push them to their limits. This peculiar look at catharsis and fear is a unique theatrical experience through one man’s American mind. Children in the Dark is parts sad, funny, whimsical, intense, bizarre and all original!

Performance Dates:
Thursday, July 5th at 8:30pm – force/collision (Washington, DC)  followed by Neutral Ground (New Orleans, LA)
Saturday, July 7th at 2:00pm – Machine Theatre (Charlotte, NC) followed by Neutral Ground (New Orleans, LA) and audience Talkback
Sunday, July 8th at 2:00pm – Neutral Ground (New Orleans, LA), followed by Devised Artists’ Roundtable Talk, followed by force/collision (Washington, DC)


Neutral Ground Ensemble, based in New Orleans, is made up of young artists with big hearts and bigger courage. Our artistic vision is one that will tirelessly seek for the truth in us and in art as performance. In order to further our search we will not rely on what has worked in the past or attempt to recreate what audiences have enjoyed. Instead we will look for a new path in every single piece no matter the material and ask ourselves what is important to us and to the piece. In order to create original art we believe that we must face new challenges in process as well as material.