Contest – Create Cartoon Royalty!

In anticipation for our production of Mike Bartlett’s King Charles III, we are hosting a contest in which we are inviting you to create a comic book version of a member of the royal family. (For example, if you were to
“cartoon-ify” Queen Elizabeth, you might recreate her as Long-Lasting Girl, an action packed superhero
who won’t let anyone have her crown!)

The Rules
You must create a comic book version of a member of the royal family of England, living or
deceased. You must create original artwork for your character. You may include a brief description with
your recreation if necessary. You must be either 18+ to submit an entry, or your entry may be submitted
by a parent or guardian on your behalf. Contest closes on April 14th, and the winner will be notified on
April 17th.

The Prize
One “King’ Seat”/”Queen’s Seat” ticket to King Charles III on our closing matinee on Sunday, April 29th. Your ticket will come with special seating to honor you as the winner of our contest.

Please email all entries (or questions) to Madison Doss at Please include your name along with your entry. If you cannot scan in your drawing, a clear photo of your drawing will suffice. The winner will be notified via email on Tuesday, April 17th.


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