To Kill A Mockingbird

Sep 9 – Sep 26, 2010

Written by Harper Lee, adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel

Directed by Randolph Curtis Rand

2010 is the 50th anniversary of the publication of Harper Lee’s essential Southern novel about a small town lawyer, Atticus Finch, and his decision to stand and fight bigotry and injustice.  It is told from the viewpoint of the widower Atticus’ young daughter, Scout.  Mr. Sergel’s stage adaptation is the only authorized stage adaptation of Ms. Lee’s novel.  As with a previous American novel, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (who many credit with leading to the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation), Miss Lee’s novel is widely regarded as a significant inspiration for the civil rights movement that took root during the 1960s.


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