St. Nicholas

Nov 4 – Nov 21, 2010

Written by Conor McPherson

Directed by Randolph Curtis Rand

Conor McPherson‘s one-man show details the long journey of a Dublin Theatre critic who falls in love with an actress half his age, follows her to London, straight into a coven of vampires!  The Critic, a well-respected fellow with a long and successful career as a journalist, secretly despises himself for not accomplishing everything he intended in life.  He has two grown children, a doting wife, and one of the top jobs at his newspaper, yet he continually finds himself missing out on something.  When he sees the young Helen in a production of Oscar Wilde‘s Salome at the Abbey, he believes he has discovered exactly what (or who) that something is.  And so, leaving family, friends and job behind, he sets off on a long journey of self-discovery that will lead him to the brink of disaster.


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