Romeo & Juliet

My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand
To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

Jan 22 – Feb 15, 2015

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Emily Ranii

Shakespeare’s timeless play about two young people discovering love and daring to defy their parents’ ages old blood feud is possibly the greatest love story ever told, and a political fable for our time.  Emily Ranii, who played Juliet for us at the age of 14, returns to direct this extraordinary ensemble.


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Lobby Lecture:  Marriage in the Age of Shakespeare

Cast & Crew

Director/ Emily Ranii
Scenery Design/ Jordan Jaked
Costume Design/ Evan Prizant
Scene Painter, Asst to the Scenery Designer/ Lauren Stanton
Properties Design/ Elizabeth Newton
Asst. Director, Choreographer/ Mikaela Saccoccio
Lighting Design/ ED Intemann
PSM/ Adam Budlong
ASM/ Benn May
ASM/ Alexis Brunson
ASM/ Sam Quincy
Master Electrician, ASM/ Mia Carson
Assistant to the Director, House Manager/ Carry Vaughan
Assistant Director/ Mikaela Saccoccio
Dramaturg/ Laura Owens and Madie Kvale
Technical Director/ Barry Jaked

Paris/ Thaddeus Walker
Tybalt/ Will Sarratt
Capulet, Sampson, Friar John / Mark Filiaci
Juliet/ Emily Rose White
Nurse/ Erin Tito
Benvolio/ Matt Hager
Romeo/ Joey Heyworth
Lady Capulet, Gregory, Apothecary/ Benji Jones
Peter/ Sarah Winter
Montague, Abraham, Friar/ Jeff Aguiar
Lady Montague, Balthasar/ Olivia Griego
Mercutio/ Joel Oramas


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