Written on the Heart

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Dec 1 – Dec 18, 2016

Written by David Edgar

Directed by Jerome Davis


Think you know your King James Bible?  Think again.

David Edgar’s roaring celebration of the astonishing story of the 80 year long fight to create a Bible that could be read and understood by the People.   A Heretic is hunted down by the Church.  His illicit tome is burned, followed shortly by its author.  But William Tyndale left behind something more than his own charred bones.  He left behind an idea.

“a learned, information-packed and engrossing play” – Michael Billington, The Guardian

Estimated run time: 2 hours.

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Lecture by Chris Chapman and Others

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Cast & Crew

Chris Acevedo
Bruce Ackerman
Gus Allen
John Allore
Rimsha Azfal
Lauren Barone
Gerald Campbell
Fred Corlett
Alec Donaldson
Holden Hansen
Juan Isler
George Jack
Simon Kaplan
Diana Cameron McQueen
Areon Mobasher
Kaley Morrison
Greg Paul
Mackie Raymond
David Skaggs
Susannah Skaggs
Gabrielle Stephenson
Sean Wellington
Katy Werlin
Karen Williams

Production Stage Manager Savannah Core
Movement Robin Harris
Composers Ted & Julie Oliver
Singing Coach Julie Oliver
Scenery by ED Intemann
Lighting by Matthew Adelson
Props Elizabeth Newton
Costumes Katy Werlin
Sound by Christopher Thurston
Graphics Design Simmie Kastner
Technical Director Barry Jaked
Master Electrician Mia Carson
Asst. TD Michael Gorman
Assistant Director Lillian White
Asst. to the Movement Director Avis HatcherPuzzo
Dramaturg Eric Kildow, Marshall Botvinik, Jackson Cooper
ASMs Alex Procknow, Yvette Beal, Johnna Chance, Jeffrey Kare
Painter Meredith Riggan
Board Op Naomi Barbee


"Just superb!" - Triangle Arts & Entertainment
"4 Stars!" - Indyweek
"As is usually the case with Burning Coal and a David Edgar play, this cast snagged us with the very first word, and from that point on we were rapt." - Classical Voice of NC