Liz Janes

Jun 26, 2011

Liz Janes’ music-story and life-story involve a Great American Novelesque chain of living leading up to the Liz of 2010. Shorthand version: On a beat-up Sears guitar she was writing lullabies and gospel songs behind locked door, her first ever songs, the nascent brain children of a soon-to-be accomplished and busy songlady. Then one fateful day she snuck off and set said songs to 4-track. Liz made the “mistake” of giving one of her lo-fi cassette recordings to Mike Kaufmann (future husband, future Asthmatic Kitty A&R dude, future Future Rapper) who played her songs to a new pal in Brooklyn, Sufjan Stevens. Shortly thereafter Sufjan produced, arranged and recorded her debut, Done Gone Fire (2001). Since then she has played with Odawas and Bedroom Walls, labelmates Castanets and Rafter. She recorded and/or toured with Douglas Armour, Black Heart Procession, Sufjan, Soul-Junk, and Jandek. Her newest album, Say Goodbye (2010), is an intensely personal, truth-filled, new kind of pop music. Aided and abetted by Rafter Roberts’ mad skills, the resulting piece of music is a warm, human, ornate new thing,lyrics paired down to the most minimal of philosophic wonderings/wanderings.

Estimated run time: 2 hours.